venerdì 18 febbraio 2011

12p4Se Night Out

Yesterday I went to Bologna, like I did last summer for the Tom Dice concert in Italy, and I took part to the Private Show Case of... Senit!

What would you expect from her? I did not know. Hearing from her previous singles she could have done all sorts of things (lounge jazz bar? Ballads? Schlager? Papa Pingouin?), but now I do know that she is - sorry for the term, but it's the truth - PURE ENERGY.
She sang and had fun for an hour and a half, no stop, with siblings, friends and fans for a fabulous lovely rock show (with some retro touches, from time to time)!
It was so amazing that I was tempted to go to her and shout ROCK'N'ROOOOOOLL while headbanging. But then I thought that everything could have gone awry and she would have been injured by that.
She is totally amazing with the audience. It is difficult to explain, but in a small place, without a good acoustics, Senit made it clear that she is a great artist and she's worth it. (We hope for a good songs for her, that suits her perfectly. - Oh, yes, we did not find anything out about the song).
Everybody saw that she was having a great time, thanks also to her band (that is totally pro - and they tried to kill me because I was a total ignorant when not talking about ESC) and she was totally explosive - I envy her: she sang for a hour and a half, no stop, jumping and dancing and I almost fainted after 45 minutes.
Great performances of the night: "I will survive", the "Single Ladies" + "Kiss" mash up, "Sarà perché ti amo" (which is an italian "good feelings"-and-that-sort-of-stuff melodic ballad that she completely rearranged, making it the rockest thing ever), "Material Girl", "My sharona" and "Waterloo" (here I was about to waving the swedish flag. But then I repeated myself "Low profile"! And so I started dancing.
We talked a little bit with her (she is totally sweet, gentle, warm-hearted, joyful and totally crazy!), but we did not get a scoop. We will try and interview her as soon as possible. She knows that!
We didn't even get to know if the song will be a ballad, an uptempo or a rock ballad or a rock uptempo or and uptempo ballad! Still, it won't be Metal - trust me.
So, I hope I described perfectly Senit, because she is totally awesome! I suggest you to follow her on Facebook!

Thanks to Senit and her staff for the pleasent night! Hope to see you guys again soon!

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